photo of guitar and voice instructor joe mac performing on electric guitar in st. petersburg, fl.

Free Video Guitar Lesson:

Guitar lesson for free, here, (I change them often).

This lesson focuses on the commonly heard substitution of alternating fifth and sixth

intervals, played on lower sounding string-sets, often referred to as a “Shuffle Rhythm”.

This kind of rhythm guitar part is usually played as an

accompaniment to a vocalist and/or a soloing instrument.

So you’re not just getting a free lesson, you’re also getting

the opportunity to see and hear what it is like to take

music lessons with

Joe Mac,


Ace guitar and Vocal Music Studio,

633 39Th Ave NE,

St. Petersburg, Fl. 33703


Blues in G Minor!

Use of G Pentatonic Minor Scale, G Minor Scale (Dorian)

and arpeggio based lines are shown playing the melody,

and improvising on Earl Hagen’s great tune,

‘Comin Home Baby’…



By the way………

for great dance band or solo guitar/vocal entertainment check out

Joe Mac | Paradise Blues