photo of joe mac giving music lessons.

Music Lessons:

Music Lessons at are scheduled weekly for half-hour or one hour one on one

private instruction.

Learn to play guitar in several styles:

  • Acoustic-Folk styles
  • Classical Guitar  (nylon string.)
  • Electric Guitar
  • blues
  • rock
  • country
  • learn to read music, a matter of literacy.
  • Piano/Keyboard Lessons
  • Drum-Set Lessons
  • RockShop Band Program

Learn to sing freely, and with confidence!

Study in the arts….

helps to develop desirable character traits such as discipline, perseverance, resourcefulness, teamwork,

appreciation for beauty, patience, self-control, problem solving, and empathy.

What I have learned from my music and other teachers most, is how to be a good, effective, and inspirational teacher.

Years of experience with music school students of all ages and backgrounds makes me a music teacher who can accurately assess a student’s strengths and weaknesses, and begin the process of developing real musical knowledge and ability.



Powered up and ready to go!

Music Lessons

at Ace Guitar and Vocal Music Studio are only a few minutes away.

Want to play the Palladium Theater?

Join our RockShop® Band School Program.

Ace Guitar and Vocal Music Studio | 633 39Th Av NE | St. Petersburg, Fl.
33703 | 727-218-0485


By the way………

for great dance band or solo guitar/vocal entertainment, check out

Joe Mac | Paradise Blues